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Fort Casey State Park

Event: Sprint Relay (non-championship, and non-sanctioned)

Date: April 21, 2012

Course Designer: Nikolay Nachev

Scale: 1:5000

Contour interval: 5m

Size: 0.5 km2

Most Recent Event: October 20, 2007.

Map Condition: Completely remapped to ISSOM standard in summer 2011.

Terrain Description:
The park is a single, gently-rolling plateau, surrounded by bluffs and steep slopes overlooking salt-water beaches, except for a gentler slope on the north side.  There are few contour details, however this former fort has many old bunkers and gun batteries, along with some associated steep, graded slopes and some manmade depressions.  The area is over half open land with excellent runnability, and the vegetated area is mostly either very dense brush or very dense forest with poor visibility, save for a small area of open and runnable forest (about 3% of the mapped area).  There is a moderate network of roads and trails of various sizes.

Old Army Bunkers at Fort Casey State Park

Open Forest at Fort Casey State Park

Open Areas at Fort Casey State Park

Old Army Bunker at Fort Casey State Park

Lighthouse at Fort Casey State Park

Overlooking Puget Sound at Fort Casey State Park