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Fort Ebey State Park

Event: Championship Day 1
April 21, 2012
Course Designer: Bill Cusworth

Scale: 1:10000
Contour interval: 5m
Size: 3.0 km2
Most Recent Event: October 24, 2010 (map from May 2nd, 2010).
Map Condition: Map significantly upgraded in spring 2011 in preparation for this event.

Course Info:
 Classes (does not include recreational or open divisions, national championships in bold.)
 Blue 9.1 km  Men 21-34
 Red 6.5 km  ICVM, Women 21-34, Men 35-39, Men 40-44, Men 45-49, Boys 19-20
 Green 4.8 km
  ISVM, ICVF, Women 35-39, Women 40-44, Women 45-49, Women 50-54, Men 50-54, Men 55-59, Girls 19-20, Boys 17-18
 Brown 3.0 km
  ISVF, Women 55-59, Women, 60-64, Women 65-69, Women 70+, Men 60-64, Men 65-69, Men 70+, Girls 17-18
 Orange 4.8 km
  ISJVF, ISJVM, ICJVF, ICJVM, Girls 15-16, Boys 15-16
 Yellow 3.1 km
  ISIF, ISIM, Girls 13-14, Boys 13-14
 White 2.3 km
  ISPF, ISPM, Girls -10, Boys -10, Girls 11-12, Boys 11-12

Terrain Description:
The terrain is composed of many medium-to-large depressions, most ranging from 5 to 65 meters deep, with dense forest and a moderate trail network. The only water features (besides Puget Sound, which bounds the map area to the west) are a few marshes in the northwest part of the area. There are no rock features, and most of the point features are rootstocks. The western part of the area has some paved roads, campgrounds, buildings, and picnic areas, whereas the only manmade features in the terrain east of the powerline are trails. The forest is mostly very slow--difficult to walk through--with poor to very poor visibility. However, about 15-20% of the forest area has only downed trees with moderate to no undergrowth, making for somewhat better visibility and runnability.

The Arena at Fort Ebey State Park, overlooking Puget Sound

Kettle Depression at Fort Ebey State Park

Wild Rhododendrons at Fort Ebey State Park

Trail at bottom of a Kettle Depression at Fort Ebey State Park

Meadow Overlooking Puget Sound at Fort Ebey State Park

Old Log at Fort Ebey State Park

Seaplane Flying over the Arena at Fort Ebey State Park