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Lord Hill Regional Park

Event: Championship Day 2
Date: April 22, 2012
Course Designer:
Rick Breseman

Scale: 1:10000
Contour interval: 5m
Size: 5.6 km2
Most Recent Event: February 19, 2011 (map)
Map Condition: Map area enlarged and existing areas upgraded in spring 2011 in preparation for this event.

Course Info:
 Classes (does not include recreational or open divisions, national championships in bold.)
 Blue 7.0 km  Men 21-34
 Red 6.0 km  ICVM, Women 21-34, Men 35-39, Men 40-44, Men 45-49, Boys 19-20
 Green 4.6 km
  ISVM, ICVF, Women 35-39, Women 40-44, Women 45-49, Women 50-54, Men 50-54, Men 55-59, Girls 19-20, Boys 17-18
 Brown 3.9 km
  ISVF, Women 55-59, Women, 60-64, Women 65-69, Women 70+, Men 60-64, Men 65-69, Men 70+, Girls 17-18
 Orange 4.2 km
  ISJVF, ISJVM, ICJVF, ICJVM, Girls 15-16, Boys 15-16
 Yellow 3.8 km
  ISIF, ISIM, Girls 13-14, Boys 13-14
 White 3.1 km
  ISPF, ISPM, Girls -10, Boys -10, Girls 11-12, Boys 11-12

Terrain Description:
This hilly, mostly forested park rises from just above sea level at the Snohomish River to over 200 meters at the tops of the highest hills. The terrain ranges from steep to gently-sloping and has medium-to-large contour features and a few areas with smaller contour details. There are a moderate number of marshes and other water features, and some of the hilltops have rock features. The forest is mostly dense, often with poor visibility, but there are some areas of forest with moderate-to-good runnability and similar visibility, as well as some areas with distinct clearings in the forest. There is a sparse-to-moderate trail network.

The Arena at Lord Hill Regional Park

Forest Panorama at Lord Hill Regional Park

Pond at Lord Hill Regional Park

Knoll at Lord Hill Regional Park

Forest at Lord Hill Regional Park

Boulder Cluster at Lord Hill Regional Park

Tree Stump at Lord Hill Regional Park