Would you like to join the volunteering crew? We'll have lots of options available, from work leading up the event, as well as day-of-event staffing. Most jobs don't require much training at all! If you are interested, contact, Patrick Nuss.

Possible volunteer roles:
Vetters & Pre-Runners (before event, day-of-event)
Marker pickup (day-of-event)
Printing & Distribution Crew (before event, day-of-event)
Start Crew (day-of-event)
Finish Crew (day-of-event)
Scoring & Results Crew (before event, day-of-event)
Parking & Shuttle Crew (day-of-event)
Social Programs Crew (before event, day-of-event)
Safety & First Aid Crew (before event, day-of-event)

NEW! Day-of-Event Volunteer Sign-up Sheet. All day-of-event volunteers that work one shift will be able to run in an A-Meet race that day!